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GRE Score 323 (170Q/153V) - Profile Evaluation and University Selection Help Needed


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I would need help in profile evaluation and universities classification for MS in Computer Science.
Below is my profile and list of universities I am targeting:


GRE Score : 323 (170Q/153V)
AWA - 3.5 or 4 (expected)
TOEFL - ~100 (expected)
CGPA : 8.43/10 (IT branch from NIT Jaipur); among top 10 in class of 90

Work Exp : 2.5 years in Consulting ( ZS Associates & BCG)
NGO experience : 1 year 
Internship : 2 month relevant Internship
Projects : 1 major project in Final year
LOR : 2 from college, 2 from work

Target Universities :

1. University of Wisconsin, Madison
2. University of Texas, Austin

3. Georgia Tech

Moderate : 
1. Penn State

2. University of Pennsylvania

2. USC

Please let me know if my profile looks good for this categorization. Feel free to make or suggest any changes to the universities. Thanks a lot in Advance for sparing your time.

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