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Bombed GRE for the second time


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I bombed the GRE, again. 289, V 146, Q 143. Previous score 290, V 145, Q 145. This is going to be a major problem for me now as it will keep me out of a lot of schools. Baylor University for example will not take students below the 50th percentile in both sections (Even though the graduate school said they view everything holistically. If grad school truly was a holistic process, my GREs would not be a problem. I have a 3.78 GPA, graduated from a school that's number one in my field, have a senior thesis, have two majors and a minor, and have solid letters of rec. This will be my second time applying to grad school. First time I got two acceptances but without financial support. My advisor at UNL said that financial support will be dependent on my GRE scores which is total BS. I have two offers from UNL and Texas A&M. My new advisor at A&M was suppose to write me a letter of intent but I haven't heard back from him in a while even though I left in a message and sent him several emails. I'm reapplying to UT Austin (Will probably be rejected again :/ from a school I would really like to attend), Rice (Only reason why I'm reapplying is because to department waived the application fee), and Oklahoma State (the only program I know of the doesn't require the GRE).  Does anyone else know of any geology programs in the USA that don't require or hold very little weigh to the GRE? If I take this test a third time I doubt that it will be beneficial. Should I ask one of my letter recommenders if he could add in his LOR that the GRE doesn't reflect my abilities to do well in grad school? I wrote a short essay and sent it to UT and Rice stating that I do not believe the GRE to be an indicator of my academic abilities. I was told that will help and this has been an issue for me going all the way back to the SAT and ACT.

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