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  1. Don't. No School is going to care that you went to UCB vs UCSB/UC Davis etc. Your GPA is excellent just focus on getting a good GRE score and you will be fine for grad school apps. You are already working in a lab getting research experience which is the most important piece of your application for graduate school. You can always get an RA/Lab tech position at one of these schools after you graduate. I transferred from one UC to another. Even though they were both on the quarter system I had to repeat quite a few classes since there was no transfer agreement in place. I had to repeat GE's again. Its not worth the hassle and extra money... trust me. Unless you already have the transfer agreements with your respective department at UCB don't risk it.
  2. Does anyone know if UTSW has sent out all of their invites? I can only find two in the results thread.
  3. Does anyone know if NYU Sackler is done sending interviews? I think there are 2/3 responses in the search but they are all immunology/microbio.
  4. I know a couple of the professors on the UC Davis adcom. They haven't even looked at apps yet, the review will happen early next week. You might hear after christmas.
  5. Ugh.... Hopefully each track is sending out their own invites.
  6. Well at least that is some good news. It is my top choice so hopefully we both hear from them soon.
  7. I just checked my application. It says the same as yours but submitted Dec 1st.
  8. I wouldn't be surprised if they were. They may have done one massive review and then are sending out the interviews in waves. The dean emailed me saying she ran out of time and I got my email like 10PM eastern so you definitely have a shot.
  9. Does anyone know if NYU Sackler/Northwestern DGP/UTSW have released interviews yet? I haven't seen anything on the results page... but we only represent a fraction of the people applying and I haven't really seen these schools in users' signatures.
  10. #1 Cell and Developmental Biology #2 Cancer Biology #3 Translational Science There should be multiple interview weekends.... unless they are doing a Stanford Biosciences.
  11. 1 December 2016.... There is no way deadlines for 2017 are up.
  12. There is no way they are accepting 200 students. It was probably close to 140/150 and they assumed half would accept.
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