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Some advice,please? I'm feeling awful for my GRE results.


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Hi! I really need some advice (or some words to cheer me up because I'm really feeling awful) I got my GRE results today V:159, Q:157 AWA:3.5 . I intend to apply for a MPP program in the U.S. but I don't know if with those results I should. Am I wasting my time?

Of course I'm not pretending to apply to Harvard or Berkeley anymore, but my dream schools are Columbia or Georgetown, what do you say? I have an opportunity? I'm worry about the AWA so much, and the other results are not impressive either. Which schools do you reccomend with that

P.S. My GPA is 3.72 and I have 4 years working in Mexico on the private sector as an economic analyst for the agricultural sector in which I want to specialize.

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Your GPA and experience in economic analysis should help counteract your low quantitative GRE score to some degree. Alternately, if you are really concerned, you may want to do some intensive study and then take the test again, possibly in early December, to try to get a higher score. Have you looked up the average GRE scores of admitted students to those programs? If you're within the average, then I wouldn't worry about it so much personally. Good luck!

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Hi Somnus,

You've named some competitive Schools. Your Q157 isn't a bad score, but it likely won't impress anyone at those Programs. Thankfully, it might not have to. Grad School Admissions Committees know that not everyone is a fantastic Test Taker, which is why the applications include several factors beyond the GRE. Your GPA and your specific work experience certainly make you appear more than qualified to attend these types of Programs. 

I suggest that you research each of the individual Programs as much as you can (you might even want to contact the Admissions Offices directly). Most Schools offer direct information on their respective websites that will help you get a sense of how your scores/profile 'match up' with the typical students who are invited to attend. If you're really concerned about how your GRE scores compare (or if a School Admissions Officer tells you directly that they're too low), then you should report back here and we can talk through your study options for another attempt at the GRE.

GRE Masters aren't born, they're made,


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