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Prep Kaplan vs Magoosh Diagnostic (Need Advice Major Discrepancies)


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Hi Everyone

So I'm applying for doctorate programs, and finishing up my masters. everything's great. except GRE's. So I've signed up for Magoosh and taken a Diagnostic Twice (and I've been studying)

Magoosh: 144Q,150V

Magoosh (last night) 147Q, 151V

I've also signed up for Kaplan as a tandem course to major prep for the quant..

Kaplan: 136Q,154V

136 for quant is WAY off, compared to my scores for Magoosh, but my Verbal seems on the right track for both. I got 11/40 questions right for the 136Q. What the hell is this discrepancy? I called Kaplan and they couldn't tell me why or how 11/40 gets you 136.

Is one more reliable? Which do you think is reliable? What have you heard? (Ive heard Kaplan is easier..which concerns me, I've heard mixed about Magoosh)

help a depressed student out here!

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Hi fellow aggie! I have found the most gains from Magoosh. I think that if you're that low in quant, which I am struggling with myself, I would focus on just using one study plan along with the book created by the test-makers. A girl in my graduate program got a perfect score on quant and that is the method she used. Rather than get bogged down with discrepancies and hoping you hit that number exactly, instead just focus on taking really detailed notes (both on CONCEPTS that were unclear and typical mistakes YOU tend to make) and looking at the quant section as a place to improve.

Magoosh has a one month study schedule that I am doing and it's keeping me focused and aimed on the prize. Hopefully that can be of help to you~!




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Go ags! Thank you for the response. I like Kaplan for teaching the concept and not a quick blurb with quant. 

Im just confused as to why I'm much higher on one diagnostic than the other.

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Hi ucdguy88,

Have you taken either of the Official MSTs (from www.gre.org)? Those MSTs are the most realistic ones on the market (and they're free). While some Test Takers opt to save at least one of those Tests for later on during their studies, it sounds like you might be at a pivotal point in YOUR studies - so having realistic data to work with can help you make the right decisions about how you should proceed.

GRE Masters aren't born, they're made,


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If you really want a third opinion, try giving the free Manhattan GRE test. It's on par with Magoosh. ~ Better than Kaplan IMHO.

I completely agree with this. The Manhattan Prep math book series helped me improve by 6 points on the quant section. I found that the Kaplan problems were actually easier than the problems on the real GRE.

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I org. studied for my GRE taking any and just about every free practice test online; kaplan, manhattan, ETS (online ,and paper copy), barrons (paper copy).  I found that ETS actually provided me with a score that was nearly identical to how I preformed on the actual GRE. Needless to say, I didnt do as well as planned, and am using Magoosh in conjunction with a TON of vocab flash cards to plan for a re-take in about 3 weeks. 

For verbal: Kaplan problems were too easy, Manhattan practice problems too hard, using words that werent completely relevant. Princeton review just had word lists-I didnt really use them.  I did find using Manhattan essential/advanced flash cards helpful. And have found using Magoosh, i was able to drive up my RC. 

For Quant: Manhattan has a lot of great problems to review, as well as supplies in depth details regarding the material. However, Manhattan books will require a lot of time if you wish to get though all of them. Magoosh, math is harder than ETS. 

I'd suggest, go online and try 1/2 ETS free exams. It stimulates the exam exactly how you will see it on the actual GRE and will give you an accurate score. 

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