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Healthcare Management Career: MPH or MSc?

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Hi Everyone,

I am considering a applying for a masters in public health next fall. I think this is the type of degree I should do next but am unsure.  

What are the kinds of jobs that it realistically leads too? 

I currently hold a MBA and an undergrad degree in science.  I am looking to work in the health care field as a manager/ director that may involve either using or presenting  health research to the general public.  

I am getting mixed reviews on what I should do next. Some say MPH and some say a MSc in Biology would be better for being a manager.  

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.



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Either could lead to a management job. Most public health jobs state something to a "Masters degree in: public health, business administration, behavioral science or related degree; 2 years supervisory experience."


Really, the degree itself matters less than the exact classes you take, practicum/internship experiences you gain, research/thesis focus. Look for a program that offers you that specific degree title.

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