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What GRE scores would be a "red flag?"


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I'm not positive but I have been doing some research on this as well. Tulane's website explicitly says that a combined score lower than 308 has a much lower chance of acceptance. U of Arizona  says on its website that your verbal score should be around the 90th percentile

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Wow...I'm just wondering why lol. I don't see how having higher verbal or quant scores makes me a better anthropologist.

Just chiming in, but getting through graduate school, no matter what field, requires certain skills. I've known plenty of would be brilliant physicists fail out of graduate school for other reasons. I'm not sure if the GRE tests those things, but being a successful graduate student can have very little to do with how strong you are in your subfield. 

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According to one of my profs, being successful in grad school has nothing to do with how intelligent you are; it has to do with how "smart" you are regarding getting your work done and being strategic. I don't remember exactly what she said, but yeah.

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