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I've recently applied to an MA program with a deadline of December 15th for the Spring 2016 semester. I had everything including my letters of recommendation, transcripts, etc. submitted a couple of weeks ago, in late October, figuring the earlier, the better. I've been obsessively logging into the school's online account to check my application status, which has informed me that it's received all of the materials, the department is reviewing my application, and I'll receive word via USPS, but to continue to check in online for "what comes next." I've now also been obsessively checking the mail! It's been a long time since I did this in undergrad, and I really can't remember at what point in the process I ended up hearing back. When do you think I might expect a decision? 

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Have you called the admissions office? It seems like you've done everything but confront the problem directly. Alternatively, most programs have specific dates on when you will hear back. Check their websites.

I've called several programs and they each have a different system. Some will store all the applications until the actual deadline, others will review them on an unofficial rolling basis. 

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I only started hearing from them around February/March the following year. Don't worry. I know it can feel daunting, but there is nothing else you can do but..forget about it. :D

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