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Letter of Intent Review??


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Anyone kind enough to review my SOI? I'm willing to do the same for you as well :)


On another note- what is your opinion on mentioning two somewhat unrelated research interests in my letter? My work so far has been in the field of schizophrenia but my personal interest is in mindfulness. While I prefer mindfulness, I am interested enough in schizophrenia to want to pursue it for the next 5 years of my doctoral studies in order to expand my application choices.. I have tried to word it in a decent way in my letter, but I am nervous this may make it seem like I am unclear in my interests or maybe will do whatever to get in (.. which isnt entirely untrue to be honest haha). Thoughts? 

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My interest is also mindfulness! With an emphasis in borderline personality disorder in my case haha. From doing research on mindfulness, I don't believe mindfulness and schizophrenia are entirely unrelated! I'm sure you have already addressed the similarities or the relationship between the two in your letter. You could talk about how your interest and experience in one area (whether that be mindfulness or schizophrenia) has strengthen your desire to research the other area. Also, you could perhaps talk about how the experiences/skills you have gained through your research in schizophrenia can be transferable to research in other areas (in this case mindfulness)!

I hope this helps you a little!

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19 hours ago, Syedahum said:

My work so far has been in the field of schizophrenia but my personal interest is in mindfulness

In my opinion, you answered your own question :) You have a demonstrated passion for schizophrenia research but you are not one-dimensional. You have other intellectual pursuits, one of them being mindfulness. 

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