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Nervous. Please help

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Hi everybody, I am applying to a few schools in the Northeast and I am nervous because of my GPA and GRE scores. I am a male if that helps at all, and my gpa is 3.4 in CSD and 3.5 cumulative. My GRE scores were 151 V and 144 Q 4.0 in writing. I have decent experience and good LOR's. Applying to Northeastern, Worcester State, UMass, Mercy college, St. Johns, Scared Heart and southern Connecticut. ANY input / advice helps. Be honest I am curious to your opinions. Thank you!

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The number of schools you are applying to seems fair enough. I have been advised to shoot between 5 and 7 for monetary and sanity reasons. I too am male, but I do not believe it will benefit us too much, aside from adding a bit of diversity. We still need comparably competitive scores and well-rounded experiences to be eligible. I am in a similar boat quantitatively (with a particularly worrying sophomore year that I briefly address in my statement letter), as you are. I am fairly certain our scores will not stand out to any admissions boards, although they should not raise red flags either. Simply, the competitiveness of our major is such that we appear very mediocre for scores. The trick then, is to be adamant about your subjective qualities and uniqueness that you will offer the programs you have chosen to apply to.

Also, retaking the GRE definitely will not hurt. On my second attempt my AW score went from 3.0(15th%) to 5.0(93rd%), Q 148(32nd%) to 150(40th%), and V staying at 155(67th%). Simply reading tips about the AW and studying certain specific problems in the quantitative section got me some much needed points, so it might work for you too. Best of luck!

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My stats are pretty similar to yours. It's great that you found a diverse amount of schools - really delving into the stats and finding places that would work with the stats is key for anybody applying. I am also in your boat - I have decent experience and good LOR's. That will really help bulk our applications!  I have just taken a large focus on my grades this semester, and writing really solid SOP's. Try to tailor the SOP's towards what the university has to offer, and yourself. Being a male does make you stand out as well, but in your SOP, try to think of other ways. Also, if this helps, schools like to look at your last 60 credit GPA, so depending what your grades are that would help, too! I think you have a solid chance to get in somewhere! :)

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