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GRE scores and waiting


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I have applied to six graduate schools so far and have only heard back from one (not accepted). My GPA is just at a 3.0 and my GRE scores are okay - V: 140, Q: 143, and Writing: 4.0

How much longer should I wait to hear back from the other schools? Should I submit more applications or should I retake the GRE first to try and improve my scores?

Any comments, suggestions, and feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

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I think people need more information to help you out. When were your apps due? I know many apps are due now or in a few weeks for PhD programs, so you certainly will not have heard back from those. 

For your scores - what programs did you apply to? What schools? Where do they fall in the rankings for your field? Are they super competitive or not? How's the rest of your application? Research experience? LOR? SOP? All of this would make it much easier to answer, and, even then, we're just a bunch of people in a forum speaking from personal experience. 

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Those GRE scores are not "okay" unless you meant to type 5* instead of 4.  Scores of 140 fall below 50 percentile.  Ideally, you want to be in ~80 percentile, which is around 160, and a score of ~150 would be 50 percentile which is okay.  I suggest you retake the GRE.

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