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Procrastinators Unite: getting GRE and transcripts in on time?

Extra Espresso

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So, one of the schools I'm applying to (with a deadline of tonight, no less) has on their website that "rarely takes less than six weeks for Educational Testing Service (ETS) to send GRE scores and for GRE scores to be properly uploaded into an application."

I sent some of my scores ~1 week before my first round of deadlines, same with official transcripts. ETS reported that my scores had been reported 2 days after I ordered them, so I was feeling confident. Now, much less so. Thoughts?

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I can't speak for the program, but it's likely that they meant six weeks from the time you took your test, assuming that you had selected to send scores to that program on the day of the test. Six weeks is the standard amount of time it takes for paper test results to be released and sent to schools. Sending scores that are already official would presumably take a much shorter time.

In any event, you might want to contact the program to let them know when your scores were sent, just to be on the safe side.

Edit: Looks like this is from UW's application. It goes on to say, "Candidates should plan to take the GRE well in advance of the application deadline to ensure that scores are delivered by the application deadline." In context, it looks like they did mean six weeks from the test date. I'm sure you'll be fine! 

Edit edit: I did some more sleuthing (finals can wait, right?), and that program says they only need official GRE scores by Jan. 4. They'll go off of self-reported scores until then. 

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it only takes that long if you if you are reporting the same day you do the exam. I got an email from one school that my GRE scores were missing (there were 4 options for this school's public health department and I chose the wrong one I guess). Anyway the same day I paid for the scores to be sent to the school, less than a week later they told me they received everything (including the scores).

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@bicsy Good sleuthing! It was UW's app. I knew the Jan 4 deadline, but I didn't send my scores until Monday because that's when I decided to apply. Your comments make me feel a lot more confident though. 

@TonyaB That makes me feel a whole lot better!! I was noticing that my scores seemed to get sent quickly, so I was hopeful. 

@Asimio I think I'm going to do the same thing to be on the safe side. Two of my top choices were in that December 1 bracket, and I really don't want to screw myself over on something so trivial!

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Just FYI for others who are panicking, UW added my official GRE scores to my application, and they are marked as received on 12/2 - the same day I sent them. It appears the process does move very quickly but schools take a longer time to add the scores to your application. UW added mine on 12/6, so still only four days after I originally sent the scores. 

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