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The GRE.....


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I have decided I should probably re-take the GRE based on my last scores (Q:140, V:143, and W: 4.0) but am curious about everyone's way of studying.

Did you make flashcards for the vocabulary words or how did you study them?

Did you practice the math concepts over and over again to become more familiar with them?

Did you practice writing essays ahead of time?

Any other helpful hints?

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Hi speechfan222,

Before anyone can offer suggestions, it would probably help if you define how YOU studied the first time:

1) How long did you study?

2) What study resources did you use?

3) What is your goal score?

4) Do you know which Schools you plan to apply to? And when?

Thankfully, the GRE is a predictable, standardized Test, so you CAN train to score at a higher level.

GRE Masters aren't born, they're made,


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