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I don't even know if I have a realistic chance and I'm terrified...


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I recently submitted my application to OISE (University of Toronto) for the MTT program (I know what the job market is like, but this is what I love doing). I have hundreds of hours of volunteer work at a local high school, great letters of reference (one from one of my teacher supervisors at the high school, one from a well-recognized professor), and an 86% average in my final year of school. My Major GPA is 3.91, my cumulative GPA is 3.75 Do I have a realistic chance of being accepted? My primary teachables are English and History, and I'm applying for the Intermediate/Senior stream.

This is the career I've been working towards my whole life. I do private tutoring and no matter how tired I am, I become invigorated when I get the chance to help someone else learn. Ahhhhhh

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2 hours ago, TonyaB said:

What are you worried about? number wise you look good. are you hiding something from us OP? lol.

No! I'm just so nervous about the other candidates. I know I've worked hard academically and thrown myself into volunteer work and tutoring, but maybe everyone else is more intelligent/has better grades/more experience. I have about 400+ hours of tutoring and volunteer work, much of which is ongoing. I'm horribly nervous about the whole thing.

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