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Is a second masters worth it? (Education field)


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Hey all.


I'll be finishing my master of education in educational studies from JHU in May. I'm planning on applying for jobs in higher education (advising, events, housing, etc). I have lots of undergraduate experiences in student advising, housing, and other activities. Would it be worthwhile to get a 2nd specialized master in higher education/student affairs, or will my master of education + experience suffice in getting a full time job?


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I'm about to go for a second masters in education, but that's because I'm switching fields entirely (teaching to policy) and my masters in literacy will hardly get me jobs in the field of international policy :lol:.  But I think in your case, it may be somewhat redundant, given the fact that your experience can take the place of that specific degree.  If you can get a job in the field, then I don't think it's necessary, but you can see for yourself what job prospects are like.  My guess is that you don't need it right now, unless you are certain it's something you want and will advance your career significantly.  I do think, in general, your experience will be more valued.

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In my case I feel that it is relevant to get a second Masters because although I taught in K-12 for almost 10 years, I have a Masters degree in Education but for the specialty area I want to be in, I have applied for jobs in the field and they want someone with a specific Master of Education in Instructional Design and Technology or 5+ years in training or instructional design with e-learning technology experience. 

I have a Masters of Science in Education Integrating Technology in the Classroom and 10 years of K-12 teaching experience. They want people who have had experience in teaching/training adults which I don't have. 

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