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Terrible second year, do I still have a chance (MATHS)?


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I am currently in my junior year of a Canadian university studying mathematics. I was looking at some grad schools and I'm worried I have a very slim chance at getting into any of them. I have a couple of blemishes (two Cs - one in an algorithms course, but still math related, and the other in a programming course - and an F in a biology course) on my transcript. Moreover, I haven't been too involved with mathematics research as of yet... I'll be doing something this summer, but other than a small research project for one of my classes, I haven't done much. 

I'l also be taking the GREs this summer, but I don't know how well I'll do on those. Other than the blemishes I mentioned earlier, I have mostly As and some Bs scattered across my freshman and current year and my GPA is around a 3.6-3.7. Do I have any chance at any grad schools? 

I think the other problem is I don't know where to look to apply either? I have a keen interested in combinatoric optimization (but did poorly in the algorithms course, which is somewhat related to this), and differential geometry. So, if you guys have any advice on how a young mathematician can go on trying to find her perfect grad school, I'd really appreciate it! 

Thanks in advance! 

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