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What study materials did everyone use?


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What GRE study materials has everyone used? Did you create flash cards for the vocab words? Anyone like Magoosh? I'm using it as a study tool. It seems to be pretty good.

I'm using vocab flashcards and I have two pretty good GRE books but was curious what others have used. What other books, websites, or study materials would everyone suggest to use?

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I used Kaplan's 2015 edition GRE prep book. It came with a CD (which I never used, since I don't have a disc drive) and some other useful features. Kaplan also has a GRE vocab flashcards app for iphone and android- not sure if windows has it. Anyway, since I only took the GRE once I can't say really how much it made a real difference, but I believe that it helped me prepare well. The vocab app was great, especially when I was at work or just waiting around anywhere. 

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I used Magoosh and Vocabulary.com

Only those two, and I really liked both of them. If you use Magoosh to its limits, you probably don't need anything else. I used Vocabulary.com because I really didn't care for Magoosh's flashcards. I basically remade their flashcards on Vocabulary.com


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