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  1. After being MIA for nearly a month, I'm planning a post. I've made a lot of decisions in the past month. :) 

  2. bugabooo

    Fleet(ing) Foxes

    @PattiJeane thank you!! I am so grateful for those like you who have reached out to me offering advice or encouragement. I'll likely PM you soon.
  3. Same! Now that I've gained a better understanding of how I stack up to other applicants in my field, I'm wishing I'd just paid those extra app fees. That was the biggest thing for me when I decided how many schools to apply to-- but now I'm wondering what would have happened if I had applied to UPenn or Harvard. Still, I'm going for an MA right now and there's nothing to stop me from applying to PhD programs at "elite" schools in two years. (I mean, I know that's a bit messy sometimes and all, but I think you all get what I'm saying.) I definitely don't regret cancelling my application t
  4. (1) $0 (2) Hoping on as much FinAid as possible (of really any kind) through the University, but might be looking at ~$20k/yr for two years as a worst-case scenario. (3) Less than $500 debt on my card, a little more than 4k savings (4) Average entry-level with MA is 40k but the national average as of 2010 was 87k.
  5. Bumping this! I think it's a great tool that we should use.
  6. Anyone want to claim the recent Roosevelt Interviews and acceptances? I noticed some more since my posting early this month/late last month. PM me if you're comfortable with it! Just want to compare notes.
  7. bugabooo

    Fleet(ing) Foxes

    Oooh, @FeelTheBern, that's a great track. Sorry to disappoint on Seattle!
  8. I have to admit... I got the Tech HelpDesk at one University to unlock my student accounts, totally by mistake! I thought I had my login info wrong so I called and they just unlocked it. I have access to my student email and could use it if I wanted to, and I have access to all the student service pages like financial aid, personal info, grades and holds, schedule... everything. It's all blank right now, because I haven't actually accepted their offer. But unlike Elmhurst, I don't think I was meant to be able to use all that yet. Oops!!
  9. Rejections are not always as negative as we all think. While I am rooting for you and hope you get some acceptances, I'm also happy that you're able to see the brighter side. It's not the end of the world, as we so often think it is. It's just a change of plans if it happens, and I like to think that those who can survive the application process (and interviews, and emails, and blah blah blah) can certainly do so more than once! After all, we've got to be pretty tough to do all this. I forget sometimes how abnormal it is, to go to grad school. We're not the rule-- in many cases, we're the e
  10. Same thing happened to me with Elmhurst. Turns out, it was just a way for me to access my application file-- and becomes a student portal if you actually become a student. However, I too APPEAR to have access to class registration, events, etc. I don't, actually. Like everything is there but when clicked I get errors. I'd advise you to email the program director or office of admissions at that school. That's what I did, and I was told that my confusion was common and then everything was explained properly. The person I contacted expressed that he actually hated the current system because it co
  11. Oh my gosh, I had no clue! That's really cool, thanks for sharing. I have skin issues that change with the seasons, and NYX has so many affordable options that are very kind to my skin. Their BB cream is one of my must-have products because it's so lightweight and it really looks like you're not even wearing any makeup. I'd love for people to think my skin just looks this great naturally. @raaawr I just can't handle gel eyeliner! I've tried SO many types, but I've gotten so good with the super thin brush NYX liquid liner has that gel feels clumpy and heavy. It looks great done right,
  12. This is making me miss my blue hair! I have really dark curly brown hair, but I used to have neon blue and purple streaks all over while I was in high school. It looked so awesome and was tons of fun, but I was having trouble finding a job. I was told straight up that I would not be hired unless I changed my hair. After a few awful waitress/bartending jobs, I gave up and dyed it back- and immediately got a job outside of food service. I miss my fun hair so much! Because my hair is so dark/thick, it would take AGES to bleach it light enough to hold a bright blue. I'm really glad I did it, th
  13. To show how lame I am, I legit had to google that. It's definitely going on my grocery list! Thanks! I do keep to the sweeter, brighter wines. I just haven't gotten my pallet to a place where I can appreciate dry wines yet!
  14. I've very suddenly-- like within the past month-- developed a love of cheese plates. I've never been very adventurous with cheeses, which as a vegetarian is probably some sort of crime. My definition of a "cheese plate" is currently gouda, colby jack, mozzarella, and whatever else I have on hand. And lots of crackers! It's really hard to find wine pairing guides for vegetarians, so I'm experimenting with that as well.
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