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  1. I am also considering doing a PhD/JD program. I am interested in a Public Policy PhD, and with the close relationship to policy and law (policy often "manifest" itself as law) I feel it could be beneficial. Harvard has a phD/jd option, as do a few other schools, like U of Maryland. However, it does seem to boost the time for completion up to 6+ years.
  2. V: 168 Q: 164 W: 6.0 I was hoping to be competitive for the Harvard Kennedy School Public Policy PhD, but I would be applying for the economics methodology within that program. Saw somewhere online that avg. Quant scores for the HKS PP PhD are 162, but not sure how much truth there is to that, especially if I would be applying on the basis of doing more quant heavy stuff within the program. I had scored around 166 consistently on the practice exams for Quant, and was really hoping for that score, or better. Disappointed with 164, but really, really do not want to pay the $$$ and
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