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Can't Attend Interview Weekend


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Hello all -

There is a high probability that, if I am invited, I can not make the interview weekend for one of my top choice schools. I held off for as long as possible, but I had to commit to a work trip as well as some personal obligations that weekend. I thought I just wasn't invited since Interview Weekend is in a month, but I was just invited to attend another school's Interview Weekend that is only in a few weeks. Would I typically have heard by now (a month in advance) if I was invited?

Has anyone been in a situation where they can't attend Interview Weekend? Is that a dealbreaker? 

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I can't imagine it being a deal breaker.  I would encourage you to schedule an interview ahead of the date (so you're front of line) make a connection with someone and then follow-up after the weekend.

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Some places schedule interviews within 2 weeks of the actual interview. You never know. But, if you do get invited I agree with the above poster. Say that you are unable to attend but would be more than happy to schedule an interview beforehand. 

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