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No invitation for the recruitment weekend means a rejection?


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Unfortunately, it is unlikely that you will receive an offer of admission from a school that didn't invite you to the interview/recruitment day.  However, some schools will hold a few applications "in reserve" or on a wait list and will contact these applicants if space opens up.  

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It means you weren't a top choice. As time goes by their top applicants may accept or deny their offers of admissions and spaces may open up. If you were right on the edge, you may be next in line, and they'll send you a later acceptance. If the application deadline was a while ago you may be able to call and inquire about your status, find out if you're on a waitlist.  

Sometimes if you do get a later acceptance they may work out a way for you to visit campus later despite it being past recruitment day. 

I know this whole process depends on the school, but until you get an official rejection it's not over yet. I know of people who have gotten very late acceptation, way past recruitment day in March and such. It's not a good sign, but it doesn't mean you're officially rejected yet. 

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As another case in point, Harvard's biostatistics department does *not* invite international applicant to the recruitment weekend; only domestic ones. In other words, if you are an international, depending on the school you are applying to, you should not worry at all about not getting invited!

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