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Any China-focused applicants aiming to pursue a PhD in anthropology?


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I am a Fall 2016 applicant aiming to focus on Chinese anthropology. Am I alone? Anyone else with a China focus? I wonder if I have a good chance of getting accepted into a program since research on China is somewhat of a 'hot' topic at the moment, both nationwide and worldwide. I have been studying Mandarin Chinese since 2009 and I lived in western China for two years teaching English with the U.S. Peace Corps. I am fluent in the language, but my undergrad major was International Area Studies (focusing on China), not Anthropology, though I took many anthro classes and one of my three recommenders is an anthro professor. I went to a small liberal arts honors college in Florida boasting a pass/fail system to evaluate its students, so I have no undergrad GPA, technically.

Am I alone in my focus on China?

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Hello! I'm sure you're not alone! I also aim to focus on western China. Do you speak the dialect there? I'm from Taiwan and my undergraduate isn't anthropology either (medicine). I haven't heard any news from the schools yet and I'm quite worried.

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I can understand Chongqing dialect (or I could when I left), but I do not speak it except for a few words. What are your interests? You're an international student? Where are you applying to? Good luck!


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