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  1. Starting a joint MA in International Affairs and Urban and Regional Planning in the fall.
  2. Rejected from Rutgers. Oh, well! Congrats to those admitted.
  3. Has anyone heard anything at all from Rutgers? I checked my status and it still says no decision. Ugh.
  4. Congrats to those who got accepted to U Chicago!
  5. http://www.deathandtaxesmag.com/280129/beyonce-capitalism-black-activism/
  6. Were you invited to recruitment weekend at Emory, too, by the way? Also, my interviews went really well and I feel like they were pretty laid back!
  7. So were you interviewed, too, busybee?
  8. I have been interviewed by two different POIs at Emory. Fingers crossed! They seem interested in my research and want more China scholars at Emory, so I may be a shoe-in! The first interviewer said I have his vote, the second one called my research 'fascinating', so only time will tell!
  9. Haha, I hope I'm on the waitlist at Duke, because I sure as hell wasn't accepted! Honestly, I feel like a rejection from Duke is imminent.
  10. Oh, yes, we have. So how many acceptances did you receive?
  11. Okay, great! So do you now attend Emory? It's interesting because I thought Emory was the least close fit for me and my interests, haha.
  12. Did you get in? And who interviewed you? My POI is interviewing me, her name is Jenny Chio.
  13. Hello, all! I just got an interview from from my POI at Emory for this Friday! So how does this interview thing work? Does anyone have any advice or suggestions for me? I'm so excited! I'm good enough to be interviewed!
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