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Any way to get their attention??


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I'm desperate for any advice, GC community.

I applied to 7 schools and was contacted by one school to interview. Now that that interview is over I'm worried that 1. they'll reject me and I'll have no options whatsoever or 2. they'll admit me and no one else will contact me and I'll end up enrolling because I'm afraid that I wouldn't improve significantly in the components that make up an app (GRE score, GPA, lab experience, etc.) before the next round of applications at the same and/or different schools.

I've heard about second-round interviews and I'm wondering how sound of a plan it would be to directly contact the faculty I'm interested in (if I did it would be the first time) to restate why I would make a great addition to their lab, to clarify enigmatic parts of my app, and briefly detail what I'll achieve and continue to work on before the fall.

Bad idea? Good idea? Any advice?

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There are definitely ways to get their attention but then the question becomes whether you want positive or negative attention... I would not reach out to them. Surely, there is a reason you applied to the program that's already admitted you, right? So why is it that the program is unacceptable if it's your only admit but it was fine to spend >$100 applying there?

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