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When you submit a FAFSA application, what happens next?



I am going to a graduate program in the fall of 2016. I am wondering how the process works after I've submitted my FAFSA? Does it then go to the schools financial aid office and then they look at your application, determine eligibility, and then send it back to fafsa who then sends information to you through mail or email? Or does the school just send information to you directly? Thanks in advance.

Q2:  I just completed my FAFSA application for a graduate program that I will be starting this Fall, 2016. As of a few days ago, the program also knows I am going there. How long until I find out how much aid I qualify for? I know already about what I will get ($20,500 unsubsidized Stafford per academic year) but I just wanted to make sure. Also, how does that work, like will I have to declare what amount of aid I want through another FAFSA application or what? Thanks in advance.

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The schools may send you confirmation via email once they've received your FAFSA application. From there, the schools will determine your eligibility for aid internally and will follow up with you directly about financial aid information.

After you completed the FAFSA it should have told you whether you were eligible for some federal grants or (un)subsidized loans; the universities should also include this information (again, if you are eligible) when they follow up with you.

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