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Hello! I may be a little out of place, but I could not think of a better forum to hear from experienced students.


Currently, I am at a community college in a suburb of Illinois. Out of high school, I received a full ride scholarship to a community college due to my academic and leadership qualities in my community. I took this scholarship instead of going straight to an University.

When I transfer my undergraduate major will be Speech and Hearing Science/Communication Disorders.

I have two choices of schools to transfer to: Northern Illinois University (With $1500/yr scholarship) or University of Illinois Urbana Champaign (Scholarship unknown yet, acceptance hasn't been sent yet but my GPA qualifies)

Currently, my GPA is 3.4~

(My excuse? My family didn't think keeping up with a full tuition scholarship was enough to keep up with so they required me to have a part time job. Also.. Im currently completing an Associates in Science degree.. I swear 75% of my classes are unrelated to Biology.)

I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE TO TRANSFER TO! Is anyone currently an undergrad student or grad student at any of these schools? I know neither choice will be easier- I just want to get a feel for the academic pace. Being surrounded by the CC scene  makes me feel insecure about my academic abilities. But I also must keep in mind that the main goal is to make it into a graduate school.


Please, if anyone has any opinions on either of these programs and the schools SHARE! And thank you in advance. I am excited to hear what everyone has to say.


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Hi I'm from Illinois also and did my undergrad at UIUC. I studied journalism/communication so I don't have all the information, but I'm like 70% sure that UIUC has one of the most renowned speech and hearing science departments in the country. I think they are ranked between #1 and #4 so if you have the opportunity I would definitely go with UIUC. It also depends on your financial package, but if you can really try to shoot for U of I it will be so beneficial, hope this helps!

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