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Narrowing down on a field of interest

Suraj Pawar

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I am currently preparing for the GRE, and am researching on universities and programs to apply to. Needed some help/thoughts on what field of study I should chose. 

I have completed MechE from a leading university in India (BITS Pilani, Goa ; CGPA 8.1/9), and have 3 industrial projects which are diverse (CAD modelling, IC Engine Research, Automated Testing Fixture Design). I have been working as an engineer in a leading Test and Measurement company (National Instruments) and have expertise on LabVIEW, Embedded Real-Time programming through LabVIEW and Test and Automation, Motion and Vision. I have experience of field selling in the same company. I think I am interested in a Robotics/Mechatronics related field, but am also exploring Automotive Electronics.

Based on the above information, what do you guys think could be the right course/field for me to apply to ? Any help would be appreciated. 

Thanks !

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You should checkout NC State for their graduate electrical engineering programs. They have many diverse tracks some of which are related to electric cars. Is there some other reason you would want to come to America as an international student? I have lived in the states my whole life. 

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