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Accepting an MS instead of a PhD


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So, I just received a notice for an interview at my top choice school.  And, you might find it strange that it is my top choice, as it is a Social Psych. program whereas I primarily applied to Clinical/Counseling ones.  However, I have a very specific niche in what research I want to pursue and no other choice comes close to this POI in relation to common interests.  With this program, it has been stated that if they don't accept you for a PhD position, you may very well be accepted for an MS one.  Now, who knows, I may be accepted for a PhD position.  But, if not, is there merit to accepting the MS route?  Again, I'd give my right arm to study under this professor, but I worry about what comes next after earning an MS.  Of course, I'd be applying for PhD programs again.  But, if I were to go another year through the application tango and not get accepted to a PhD program after earning an MS, what could my options be? (i.e. what sort of job could tide me over until the next round of PhD applications and, if I don't go the PhD route, are there occupations which would accept merely an MS in Social Psych?).  Finally, could one with an MS in Social Psych realistically apply for Clinical Psych PhD programs?  I ask this because my application has been stated as being excellent when asked to be evaluated by local clinicians and Clinical Psych professors, with the exception that my research experience is limited to a year conducting my honors research thesis as an undergrad (whereas my strengths lie in clinical experience and exposure to my population of interest).  I may be hoping that I can have my cake and eat it too, but would working under my dream professor, even if they are social psych, fill in that weak spot in my application for Clinical Psych programs?  I apologize for being all over the place with my inquiries, but thank you for the help!

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