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Latin American Studies MA Fall 2016


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Now that most applications have been sent in I was wondering what your results are and what your focus is within Latin American Studies.

I sent applications to:

UT Austin (rejected)

UCLA (No response yet)

UCSB (No response yet, but I received an invitation from the program director to visit the campus in early April)

UCSD (Accepted and being considered for financial assistance)

University of Arizona (No response yet)

University of Florida (No response yet)

I will focus on the effects of globalization and neoliberal policies on the indigenous communities of Oaxaca, Mexico and its effects on immigration. I will graduate in April with a BA in English. I did live in Oaxaca for four years.

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U Chicago (no response)

Columbia (no response)

Georgetown (no response)


I'm an international student from China with a BA in political economy (Never been to the U.S.). Maybe it's too early to reply to this post because these institutions normally send out results after late-Feb.

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