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Need opinions about MS in Geology


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Hello :D

So this is my issue:

I am currently a Geography major with a geology minor and applied to several schools for a masters in geology (Cal State La, Chico state, SF state,  and SD state)

I was influenced to apply to these schools to be conditionally classified and work on my pre rec (math, physics, geology, and chem) for a year until I begin my master's degree.

But, I'm not sure if I will be accepted since I do not have a strong science background.... I have a 3.5 gpa, internship as a geologist and GIS analyst, strong letters of reference, and personal statement

IF I am rejected.. I have an offer to go to University of Colorado, Boulder for a second bachelors in geology.

should I go there if rejected and work on a second bachelors or boost up my application for fall 2017 by going to a CC to complete those pre rec courses?

Thank you :)


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You have a lot better stats than I did when I applied for masters.

Not having math,physics, and chemistry is probably your biggest fault: You should have at least 3 semesters of calculus , 1 year of physics and 1 year of chemistry. Doing those classes will help your application imo if you do get rejected.

I'm in my 4th year of grad school and I still havent really taken a geology class (and have a masters in it!). Depending on your subfield, geology is among the least important things to study in .... geology. 

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@GeoDUDE! Yeah I'm still taking math and chemistry at the moment (last semester of undergrad)... They said if I were to be accepted they would let me take those courses I needed before I work on my Masters.. trying to do petrology or hydrogeology so we will see haha


I guess if I am rejected I should go to a CC and work on all those classes and attempt again for fall 2017 admittance?

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It sounds like you could easily land an environmental consultant job since you've had an internship. If you're not interested in environmental consulting, how would the second bachelors degree benefit you?

If you plan on going to grad school, just take/finish the pre-recs and reapply for grad school for Fall 2017.

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I applied and was accepted without meeting the physics or calculus requirements and I was a Geography major.  It's a long story that ends with my undergrad thought it was more important that I take a humanities class (I had one last humanities requirement to fill) than for me to take a calculus class.  Despite their desire to be exceptionally unhelpful, I was accepted.  I'm currently making up those classes. 
In other words, it's possible to be accepted without meeting those core requirements.
Anyway, I would not pay for another undergrad degree.  That's unnecessary.  I'm currently studying hydrology and climatology. In undergrad, I had one climatology course and one hydrology course.  The only geology course I took was geomorphology.  So uh...I guess I'm just repeating what GeoDUDE! said.  A strong background in geology is unnecessary to go to grad school in geology. 

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@geographyrocks WOW! Thank you so much ! Yeah it sucks that I did not figure out I enjoyed geology more than geography. Luckily, the programs at the universities I applied for informed that I can make up all those core classses!

This leaves me hopeful in waiting for an acceptance letter :) Thank you so much !

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