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It looks like the program that accepted me (history phd program on the west coast) is requesting a final transcript from my UG degree-granting institution so that they know I graduated (I think?). The problem is that the final transcript (hard copy) is A LOT different than the unofficial transcript I uploaded for my application (it doesn't list out the transfer coursework like the unofficial transcript did); I had no idea about this until today when I saw the hard copy version.

I'm worried that the final (hard copy) transcript will be scrutinized, compared to the unofficial transcript on my application, and might cause alarm because not all the coursework is listed on there.

Am I freaking out about nothing. Any thoughts?

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Just curious, did the unofficial copy from the degree granting show the grades associated with the transfer work? If not they may want a copy of the transcript from that institution too, but I am not sure. If it doesn't, it may affect your GPA calculations if they factor it in but it depends on the program (some only look at last 60 hours etc). I don't think it would raise red flags, unless your transfer coursework has much lower grades and they get the impression you were trying to be dodgey about that, hopefully it is just a box that needs checked off to complete your file and move on.

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Did you mention that you had attended an institution before transferring?  I'd imagine that you did when you were filling out the online application in the section "Academic Institutions" (or something akin to it) and listed all the institutions you've attended, including ones you did not graduate from.  If you did, no worries about it.

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