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MPH Concentration (Global health or Heal Comm)?

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This might be a moot question but I'm wondering if anyone can give me some advice (possibly someone interested in the same type of work, or people who did/are curious in a global health or health communications focus).

I'm crafting my application for my mph (it's still a while off, won't be applying till 2017), communicating with a few people in the field, crafting my Statement for multiple drafts now and I'm come across a career hurdle. 

Long story short, I know what I want to do. My ideal job would be a press secretary (especially in charge/with a focus in new media) for NGOs. I'm happy with being a health communications specialist, a medical writer, or any field that combines my undergrad degree (communications with a new media focus), my experience running media for non-profits, and my passions for public health (but running the press for an NGO, or just a branch of it) would be the dream. 

But I'm not sure what I should get my MPH in. I want to work for a international NGO, or even just an international health based organization abroad, so my default thoughts were focusing on global health. But the more research I do, people with a similiar job have a health communications mph, or a communications masters.

I also know in a lot of programs I can use my electives for communications (to have a 'minor' persay,in communications) or get a communications certificate---or even a global health certificate.

So my question is, is there really a better choice in focus? Or is it 6 in one hand, half a dozen in the other? Does anyone have any advice?




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