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UMICH vs MSU MSW Direct Practice


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Hi all,

I was recently accepted to Michigan State University's clinical social work program as well as University of Michigan's interpersonal practice program. 

While U of M is a more recognizable program, it is also significantly more expensive. Does anyone have any advice for which route I should go? Which program will be better if I want to focus on direct practice with clients? Which degree will be better to have?

I want to stay in-state, so these are my two options. I also want to be smart with my money since I am paying for it all, but I also want the program that will be best for my future.

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I am in the same boat as you, however, I have a lot of social worker friends. I work in Ann Arbor, and every social worker that I have come across has said that their Umich education has benefited them greatly. Most mention the name recognition and prestige that Umich's SW program has. Being that both Umich and MSU are research institutions, I would think that research is going to be a big part of the curriculum at both schools. I have heard, however, that while Umich has a great program, it was felt that they could have gotten equivalent knowledge somewhere else. 

I do know that Emich and Wayne State are more "practical" (<-focused on direct practice) than a school like Umich. 

I don't know any social workers that have attended MSU, however, being that MSU is a research institution in general, I don't think the experience will vary greatly. 

If you plan on staying in Michigan, I would say go to MSU. I feel like prospective employers care about you having the degree and kickass references, not where you received your degree.

Just my $.02. Best of luck and congrats on your acceptances!  

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