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  1. Hi all, I was recently accepted to Michigan State University's clinical social work program as well as University of Michigan's interpersonal practice program. While U of M is a more recognizable program, it is also significantly more expensive. Does anyone have any advice for which route I should go? Which program will be better if I want to focus on direct practice with clients? Which degree will be better to have? I want to stay in-state, so these are my two options. I also want to be smart with my money since I am paying for it all, but I also want the program that will be best for my future.
  2. Hi all, I was recently accepted to the University of Michigan and Michigan State University for MSW! I went to umich as an undergrad and would obviously love to continue my education there, but it is significantly more expensive than MSU and money is a huge factor for me. Both programs are reputable in my opinion, but I wanted to hear thoughts from other. Is there a huge advantage to a masters from Michigan over MSU? If I want to focus on direct practice/clinical/micro level, which program would be best from me? All opinions are wanted!
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