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UChicago MAPSS -- what does your diploma say?


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For those who have done the MAPSS program, what does the diploma say? MA in Social Sciences, or MA in (insert your main field of study)?


I am confused, since on the website they make it seem like it's such an interdisciplinary program (you can practically choose any classes you want to take) that you don't really get to study a field (e.g. history, political science) in depth, which leads me to think that the diploma will not indicate your field of interest. Is that correct?

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I'm in the program right now, and it'll read "Master of Arts, Social Sciences".

This program has its pluses and its negatives, but what's on the diploma is probably the least of your concerns. Other schools know this program, and you can specify in your Statement of Purpose what you did.

For instance, I'm anthro/American Studies-focused. I'll just note that I used this year at Chicago to sharpen my skills and read-up on that discipline.

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