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Rejected from a PhD Program, but offered a masters (already have a research masters)

Anthony P


I am in an odd situation. I applied to the PhD program in English at St. John's University. Unfortunately I recently received a letter rejecting me from the PhD program but accepting me into the Master's program. While this may seem like a viable alternative, I had already attained both a Postgraduate Diploma of Arts and Research Master's of Arts in English from The University of Auckland, New Zealand. 

The program at St. Johns does not offer any funding, however, all 33 credits can transfer into a 48 credit PhD program if I reapply for the PhD and I am accepted. 

I'm not really sure what to do and would like to know if pursuing another master's on the way to a PhD is a worthwhile option.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide. 


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I'm not in English.... but if you already have a Master's of Arts in English and they are offering you a another Master's in English... that just seems really ridiculous. You already have one, you don't need another.  Is this the only place that you applied? If not, I would hope for acceptance at another PhD program. 

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