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Columbia Journalism vs UW-Madison Communication


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Hi everyone, here's my story: I got into UW-Madison's research MA program(2 yrs), and was happy to go. To my huge surprise, Columbia gave me an admission yesterday in data journalism(1 yr). I definitely haven't thought of this, and my worry is that I would prefer to have a PhD and a research career after my MA, so would it be a waste of time to go to Columbia in my case?

My friends and professors are telling me to go to Columbia (I major in journalism in undergrad) because of all the connections and opportunities, but I feel like doing research fits me better, and applying for Columbia at the first place seems a "because it's Columbia" choice. Is it good to apply for a PhD after I graduate from Columbia (with professional journalistic trainings but hardly any academic ones)? Or I should go to Madison?


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If what you want is a PhD ultimately, then you'll need to get research experience. Can you get good research experience in Columbia's program? If so, then you don't have to worry about it. If not, then going to Columbia might make it more difficult to achieve your end-goal.

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Thank for the advice! I don't think there would be much experience in research. The program is basically about going out side and reporting.

I find myself in similar situation with the buddy in "would you turn down harvard" thread.

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