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UChicago CIR, worth it?

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Hi, so I just got admitted to UChicago's CIR program and I was wondering if anyone knows much about the program and whether or not it's worth it for someone considering applying to PhD programs. Also, is there any chance that they would reconsider my funding and provide more financial assistance? 

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I don't know much about the program but got accepted myself (am going to decline). Three thoughts - 1) it's doubtful that they will be able to offer more funding. MAs really bring in the cash for schools. 2) Unless you are independently wealthy, it is not a good idea to pay for an MA en route to a PhD program. You really, really should not take out loans to do so, imho. 3) I have heard from a few people who've gone to CIR and are in the PhD program that Chicago has a sort of a hostile and uber-competitive climate, even among the masters students and that faculty aren't always willing to meet with you/help you.

Was this your only acceptance this cycle? I would suggest either waiting and applying again or to find a low-ranked or unranked PhD program with a late deadline that you can apply to ASAP and attend fully funded. After a year or two there, you can apply to better schools and start fresh at a new program. 

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CIR Grad now headed to PhD programs.


It's the only master's program in the US that really focuses on (and succeeds at) getting people into political science PhD programs. UChicago is a rich school, so it's worth pinging at least about more funding. Happy to answer more questions via PM. 

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