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NCSU or USC for MS in Data Science

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I got admit from NCSU and USC for MS in Data Science for Fall 2016.

Could you please suggest between the two?

P.S : I know USC is a better college in terms of general ranking. But i want to know particularly for Data Science specialization, which would be a better option?

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Is the NCSU program their Master of Science in Analytics? If so, I would highly suggest that. Yes, USC might be up there in terms of ranking, but the NCSU IAA program is very well known, with an established and proved curriculum, and a great history of student placement.

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IS experience required for MS programs ? beacuse what I have heard is that experience is just required in MBA not MS but I have saw some university websites for the program of DATA SCIENCE (MS) they require 2 to 3 years of experience before apply ? 

Kindly help

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