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Are there people around who have been offered admission at UMd School of Public Policy? I am planning to join the PhD program. Would like to chat with prospective/current students.

If there's an existing thread, please direct me there. 

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@A_EP Nice to meet you! Several of us were talking about UMD's MPP in the Fall 2016 cycle thread. however, there isn't a thread on its own, so this seems good as place as any!

I was accepted into the MPP program last week, and I'm planning to dual-specialize in ISEP and IDP. I'm coming straight from undergrad. I was waitlisted for funding, but I'm going to do my best to make it work, as UMD is my top choice. I've accumulated a lot of TA/tutoring/'student development and engagement' experience over the past 4 years as an undergrad, so I'm holding out for one of the graduate assistantships. What is your research area of interest?

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@Ecook9416 Good to hear from you! I am an international student with a post graduate degree in Climate Change. My primary interest lies in Energy and the associated concerns of Climate Change. 

I would love to know more about the school and UMCP. If you have any info, do share. 


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