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  1. Hi, anyone has any idea if the offers are over. Or do they trickle in slowly throughout till march end ?
  2. Hi, Can anyone shed some light on how australia msppm compares with pittsburg? TIA
  3. Hi, I am a student from India. I have graduated in mechanical engineering and am currently working as a data scientist ( since 8 months) My undergraduate thesis was on " analytics on electoral poitics" I have done two internships with two different Members of parliament of India. I am unsure whether to apply for UNU Kindly comment @lfkrebs
  4. @mark31 I do not know yet. Have an offer from hertie and waiting for georgetown. should decide in a week . But really disappointed for not getting into LKY
  5. Reply from NUS - "I believe you have not been contacted for interview so far, and hence it implies that your application for 2015 intake has not been successful. Appreciate your kind understanding. " I guess this is it for me and NUS
  6. okey! This myt be a little bit off but did anyone get interview call in the last week or waiting for the interview call?
  7. This is the reply I got from them.... We give priority to our admitted students, to respond to their admittance by April 15th. After that, those who are on the Wait List will be contacted between the end of April, and into the summer. We understand that applicants may be waiting to hear from multiple schools, and appreciate your patience. Please be advised, funding is for admitted students. Any more insights into waitlisted students?
  8. This is the reply I got from them today. • Successful candidates will receive an e-mail from the School informing them of admission offer starting from this week. • Successful candidates with scholarship offers, will also receive a separate e-mail informing them of scholarship offer starting from this week. • Other applicants can monitor and look at their application status on the website from time to time, while awaiting their status. Ppl pls post your decision and also mention your date of application. cheers!
  9. yeskay


    I have been admitted to hertie MIA. fall 2015 Can I receive( apply) to any scholarship from DAAD or other german agencies I am an Indian. thanks1
  10. Admitted to MIA . no funding. Anyone with any insight on what to do? Funding? Is it worth? Any alumni or current students?
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