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How are these programs and their respective schools different? What about job prospects?

I got admitted to both. Although they are both part of CMU and will be pretty much amazing, I have not heard much about INI before so I am naturally inclined towards Heinz but I do not want to make a wrong decision based on my lack of knowledge.
I do not want to go into too technical roles, but at the same time I have only 2.5 years of experience so purely managerial roles will not be suited for me. I want a mix of both, something that makes me improve my technical knowledge while making me more aware of the security decisions made at authoritative/managerial positions.
Any help will be appreciated!
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I would ask to talk to current students if I was you. I cannot provide more insight because I am not familiar with the programs you applied to. I briefly considered Heinz and ultimately didn't apply because I didn't think I would like Pittsburgh!

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