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So I got accepted into NYU's grad program for SLP and was also accepted into the University of Washington's post bac program. I would love to immediately start grad school at NYU but I have to take prereq courses there before I take grad courses. This means it'll take me 3-4 years to complete everything AKA longer AKA more expensive tuition. Has anyone completed the prereqs at NYU? If so, how long did it take you to complete? How's the program? 

I could also just do a post bacc and reapply to grad schools next year. This would be cheaper and it would take 3 years altogether. 

Either way, it'll take me >2 years. Anyone have advice on what I should consider? Anyone know about these programs and want to share with me their experiences? Anything and everything would be helpful. Thank you!! 

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I had a similar issue! It was either NYU grad program straight away, or going to Chapman University for their post-bacc. I decided to do the post-bacc at Chapman because it was cheaper...NYU's foundation courses for $22k was just too outrageous for me. I figured I would just apply again for the grad program by itself if I needed to (my hope is to eventually get into CSUN's distance program)...did you end up choosing what you wanted to do?? How is it working for you?

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