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  1. I had a similar issue! It was either NYU grad program straight away, or going to Chapman University for their post-bacc. I decided to do the post-bacc at Chapman because it was cheaper...NYU's foundation courses for $22k was just too outrageous for me. I figured I would just apply again for the grad program by itself if I needed to (my hope is to eventually get into CSUN's distance program)...did you end up choosing what you wanted to do?? How is it working for you?
  2. I just got accepted into Chapman's post-bac program for spring 2017! I'm going to accept. However, I've been talking to an admissions counselor from NYU who keeps pushing me to apply for the grad program instead since they're also offering a post-bac (foundations courses) within their grad program as well. They said they "can't guarantee" they would accept the post-bac courses from Chapman if I chose to apply for the grad program only without the foundations courses. Have any of you gotten accepted into Chapman's post-bac for spring 2017? It is much cheaper than doing the foundation courses through NYU's online program. And for those of you who have finished a post bac elsewhere, did you run into issues with transferring those courses over to NYU's online distance grad program? (I prefer to go to a school cheaper than NYU's ridiculously priced $99,000+ grad program which includes foundation courses!)
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