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Is it bad to ask for vacation during co-op?


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I applied for a summer internship. I originally planned on taking a 2 week vacation after school is out, and then begin my internship. I planned on just making my "starting date" 2 weeks after school is over. 

But this offer I got wanted me to start part time in April, which I agreed. They also want me to continue part time thru the fall, which I also agreed. It's a good opportunity and I want to do well. So it's essentially a co-op now.

But that would require me to ask for a break if I want a vacation. Should I? I want to go back to my home country and 1 week is not enough. 


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if you want to take any time off, don't do it in the beginning. that's when everyone is getting trained, and you'll make a bad impression by starting your gig 2 weeks late, and having to nag people to help you get up to speed. my advice is to make a good impression first, kick ass, show them if you're a good fit, and if you do a good job, then you can start asking for favors.

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