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PsyD: Wright State vs Spalding...any thoughts?


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I am considering offers of admission from both schools and am having some trouble narrowing it down. Does anyone have any additional insight on things to consider? 


Both schools are similar on paper in terms of match rates/EPPP pass rates. As I will be coming in with an MA, Spalding has 4+1 option (4 years classes + 1 year internship), and Wright State has a 3+1 option that is not recommended, so I will likely be looking at 4+1 regardless of which school I attend. Location is not really an issue for me. I simply want to do the best thing in terms of education... Similarly, both programs appear to be a good fit for me personally, and in terms of research interests/area of emphasis. 

Here's what I am considering with both schools: 

Spalding PsyD (2014-2015 outcome)

EPPP pass rate: 64% (roughly)

Students Who Obtained APA/CPA Accredited Internship: 86%

Licensure Rate: 89%

Profs seem to have a more genuine interest in success of their students 


Wright State PsyD (2014-2015 outcome) 

EPPP Pass Rate: 79% (roughly)

Students Who Obtained APA/CPA Accredited Internship: 82.43%

Licensure Rate: 86%

Out of state tuition will be rough for the first year


Wright State seems to produce consistently higher APA/CPA accred. internship rates over the years (69%-88% - typically in the high 80's/just below 90's range), while Spalding seems to bounce around from 67%-86% throughout the years. 

Wright State also seems a bit disorganized and has not been great about responding to questions throughout the application process, although I don't know if that should reflect on the program itself, necessarily. Students at both schools appeared satisfied (i.e., not burnt out) but I noticed students spoke more highly of Spalding, overall. Both programs have a price tag in the 90k-96k range, but Spalding offers significantly better funding. 


Does anyone have any personal experience/insight with these schools? Are there other things I should be considering? 

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One factor to consider is what kind of funding would you actually receive. A friend of mine got a offer from Spalding but didn't get any funding. I think some people are getting decent funding but I think quite a few people aren't receiving any. Do you know if you would actually get anything from these schools?

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