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First names in SOP

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I have a weird little thing that is bothering me.

At my school, all professors use their first names with students. My school is nontraditional and this is one of the things that is well known. When I write about my mentor, my immediate reaction is to use her first name (after using first and last to introduce her)since that is what I have called her for three years. But I wonder if that will look bad? I am referring to the professors at the schools I want to go to by their formal titles.

To add a wrinkle, in the fit paragraph at one of my schools, I actually talk about the similarities in the two schools, and mention that at my undergrad teachers and students are all on a first name basis. So, even if I change her name to professor so-and-so in the other applications, would it look weird to call her professor so-and-so in that one but then say I am on a first name basis with her?

I hope this makes sense. I am sick with a head cold and the brain is working clearly enough, but the paranoia sure is!

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You could think of it this way: while your profs are on a first name basis with you, they are not with your prospective schools' admissions committees (as far as you know). So you should probably keep to Prof./Dr. Lastname in your SOP. I'm on a first name basis with all my research advisors, but I referred to them as Dr. Lastname.

As for the mention of how you like that profs and students are on a first name basis, maybe you could state it a different way in your SOP and avoid the problem all together. Could you just say that you enjoy the friendliness/easiness with profs? Write about how profs are receptive and set aside time with you, and maybe the first-name-calling will be implied. I also have a feeling that admissions committees with think "So what?" if you just say you all refer to each other by first name.

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