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How to include a paper that I will be presenting on my CV?

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I'm not sure how I should word it. Here is what I have written:

Anthropology Paper. Will be presented at the Conference of Awesome Anthropology, University of Happiness, Jan 00-00, 2010.

"will be presented" just sound so strange. How do I reword it?

Many thanks!

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I assume you've already been accepted? I always have the dates on the left on my CV and so I simply write:

2008 Blah-di-blah

2009 Blah-di-bloh

(expected) Awesome Title Conference of Awesomeness, University of Happiness, Date.

You could adapt this to your format. And congrats!

ETA: the formatting got messed up, imagine indenting and nice columns instead of single spaces. But you get the point.

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I don't distinguish between forthcoming presentations and those already given in my CV. I list the title of the presentation, the name of the conference, then the month and year of the conference. So, for example, the paper I'm giving in April is already on my CV, just above the two I gave back in October. They are all under the heading "Conference Presentations".

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