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TC Columbia Counseling vs BU


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Hi all,

I made a thread a few weeks back about the Counseling program at BU and got some good feedback. I am currently deciding between there and Columbia, and was wondering if anyone had any insight into comparing these two schools. In dire need since I gave in two deposits! Thanks :)

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@laurjorg I have two friends who are in SED's program, if you PM me your email I can get you connected! I was in the School of Med program and it was pretty comparable in terms of coursework. The profs in SED are super super nice and there are tons of opportunities to do research if that's your thing (I worked with two of their labs and I wasn't even a student in their program haha). Boston is one of the best cities to do practicum/internship because there are just so. many. providers, spanning the entire spectrum. What kind of site/population do you want to work with? I can give you tons of recommendations for that too. 

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