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In my final days of preparation--taking the big test on Friday!

I just started doing some of the practice questions on the PowerPrep software and noticed that there were a number of stats questions (standard deviation, normal distribution, etc.). It's been almost 10 years since I've done any math at all, and probably exactly 10 years since I've had statistics, so I'm a bit fuzzy in that area. Funny thing is, there were no stats questions in Barrons or the Princeton Review book that I'm using.

Anyone actually run into stats questions on the actual test?

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Um, maybe? If so, I didn't recognize them as such (never took a stats course, personally). There were questions about graphs, charts, etc, mostly percentage increase/decrease things, as I recall. I don't remember seeing anything about standard deviation, but I did have to know how to figure out means, medians, basic things like that for a few questions.

Sorry not to be of more help.

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I think I had one stat question on the actual GRE and it was the last one. Since I had about 30 seconds left, I just made "an educated guess" and got it over with. I'm quite positive I got the answer wrong, but I got 760 on the math so I'm not complaining:) That question required a lot of calculations (standard dev stuff) but usually they ask about the mean and the median, and those are very easy and can be done fast. Good luck!!!

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I got a question on standard deviation.

There is often a standard deviation question. Like, "If you add one of these numbers to this set, how will it change the standard deviation". You kinda have to know what SD is but it will NOT be a calculation heavy thing.

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